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FOLK – fra rasetyper til DNA-sekvenser

Nationalism and Racial Theories

Workshop 3
April 15, 2016
University of Macedonia, Greece

Image above: Louis Dalrymple, “The High Tide of Immigration—A National Menace,” Judge Magazine, August 22, 1903. (The Ohio State University, Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum.)

The workshop discusses the entanglements of scientific racial theories developed in the 20th century with the emergence or re-emergence of nationalistic discources. Taking as its starting points the north and south of Europe, it investigates how such theories influenced perceptions of nationhood, ethnicity, and indigenousness, the ethical and normative questions associated with such research, and the nuances and difficulties of discussing such concepts across Europe.

Participants and paper titles (by invitation only):

  • Jon Røyne Kyllingstad
    "From ‘race’ and ‘people’ to ‘ethnicity’ and ‘population’ in the study of Sami prehistory, 1930s-2000s"

  • Hallvard Fossheim
    "History and normativity"

  • Ageliki Lefkaditou
    "Biological theories of race in Greece"

  • Vemund Aarbakke, Assistant Professor at the School of Political Sciences, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
    "Conflicting concepts of ethnicity in the modern Balkan states"

  • Commentator: Dimitrios Stamatopoulos, Associate Professor at the Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies Department, University of Macedonia.