FOLK – From racial types to DNA sequences

Race: a dangerous myth?

What: Thematic tour
When: 28 April 2018
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FOLK: Race: a dangerous myth?

Welcome to a series of special thematic tours at "FOLK -from racial types to DNA sequences".

Why is race a myth? How do we understand human diversity? This tour of FOLK will explore contemporary DNA research and will discuss why it is so difficult to rid both science and society of this dangerous idea.
The tour is given by Exhibition Curator Ageliki Lefkaditou and will be in English.

The tour is free with admission ticket to the museum.

The event banner is a depiction of Viking Age female from 9th century CE produced for FOLK by Facelab at Liverpool John Moores University UK.

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7 April 15:00
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14 April 15:00
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21 April 15:00
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