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FOLK – From racial types to DNA sequences

Traces of racial science. The research subjects have the word.

What: Thematic tour
When: April 7, 2018
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Kristian and Alette Schreiner were central in medical and anthropological research in the early 1900s. They led several surveys with the aim to map the racial characteristics of the population. Among other places, they visited Valle in Setesdal to find the pure Norwegian and Hellemofjorden in Tysfjord to find what was specifically Sami.

In Tysfjord, they photographed and measured several hundreds of people. They took up to 90 different measurements from each. The results were published in a scientific report in German. Every person had a number, no names were given. But people get to know their relatives again through these photos. For some these are the only photos they have of them.

How has this research been experienced by the research subjects – and their descendants? How does it function in the local communities today?

Photo: Susanna Andersdatter Koltik, Gällivare. Photographer: Johan Brun or Kristian Schreiner, in Alette Schreiner’s "Anthropologische Lokaluntersuchungen in Norge, Hellemo", Vitenskabs-selskabets skrifter nr. 1 (1932).